The National Catholic Review

February 10, 2003

Vol. 188 No. 4Whole No. 4598


Gun Control

Last fall’s sniper attacks in the Washington, D.C., area brought gun control briefly back into the national consciousness.


The Rising of Bruce Springsteen
Patrick Kelly

I believe in the love that you gave me,

Pacem in Terris: A Permanent Commitment
Pope John Paul, II

Pope John Paul II's World Day of Peace message for 2003 marked the 40th anniversary of 'Pacem in Terris.'

The Times and Sexual Abuse by Priests
Andrew M. Greeley

The New York Times labored mightily to bring forth a mountain of priest abusers in its recent census and produced only a mouse, as it admitted in the 12th paragraph of its sensationalist prose in “

Separate Is Sometimes Better
John W. Donohue

When 2002 began, there were in the United States approximately 86,000 public schools, elementary and secondary.

Books and Culture

Carbide's Deadly Mistake
Olga Bonfiglio
At a time when the news is saturated with stories about corporate malfeasance, it is salutary to recall that the corporate quest for prof
Statesman and Strategist
Nancy J. Curtin
Winston Churchill is defined by historyhe studied it, he wrote it and he made it.

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The Word
Not in My Neighborhood!
Dianne Bergant
Faith in Focus
That's Love
Alma Roberts Giordan
What a Laugh!
Terry Golway
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
Drew Christiansen
Questions About Courtship
Todd James Pierce
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