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January 6, 2003

Vol.188 / No.1
George M. AndersonJanuary 06, 2003

After nine years in Communist prisons and labor camps in Vietnam, Joseph Nguyen Doan emerged with his faith not only intact but deepened, and with a determination to continue serving his people in his native land. A Jesuit, he is now the episcopal vicar for religious in the archdiocese of Ho Chi Min

Faith in Focus
Robert A. SenserJanuary 06, 2003

“Stop! Don’t Shop on Sunday.” That was the advice of a large poster hanging on a wall of our Catholic Labor Alliance office in Chicago during the 1950’s. We drummed home the same message in our monthly publication, called Work, and in a pamphlet I wrote for Ave Maria Press. I

Denis MurphyJanuary 06, 2003

With Cardinal Jaime Sin sick and plans in the works to divide the present archdiocese into six smaller dioceses, church affairs in Manila, Philippines, are at a standstill. This provides an opportunity to reflect on what the church should be about once the changes are made.Will the proposed changes

Donald P. KommersJanuary 06, 2003

The 20th century gave birth to an age of human rights In recent decades the world has witnessed a revolution of moral concern personified by an international community sworn to global standards of justice and decency As the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and such documents as the Genocide

Michael E. EnghJanuary 06, 2003

Life in the barrio changed me as a Jesuit. Part of my heart remains snagged on the razor wire surrounding Central Juvenile Hall; a portion of my soul is entwined with people whose language I speak so poorly. What began as a sabbatical from Loyola Marymount University quickly became a crash course in

The Word
Dianne BergantJanuary 06, 2003

Nowadays we seem to be dissatisfied if we are considered ordinary We seek to be the first or the best or at least to belong to the group that is first or best Yet most of us are really quite ordinary people living ordinary lives Despite this there need be nothing ordinary about being ordinary W

Kelly CherryJanuary 06, 2003

"Do unto others as you’d be done unto."