The National Catholic Review

November 4, 2002

Vol. 187 No. 14Whole No. 4587


Dallas Revisited

While acknowledging “the efforts which the bishops of the United States have made through the norms and the guidelines contained in the bishops’ Charter for the Protection of Children and Young


Addressing Urban Sprawl
Olga Bonfiglio

When leaders of the Archdiocese of Detroit began looking for solutions to the mounting poverty in the Detroit metropolitan area, they discovered that the traditional ministries of soup kitchens, cl

Sisters' Imprisonment Emboldens Others
James L. Bailey

Rarely in our society do individuals choose to risk going to jail because they are protesting what they consider to be unjust practices and institutions.

The Life of the Human Community
David Hollenbach

How are we to envision the mission of the church in the aftermath of the horrifying events of Sept. 11?

Books and Culture

Fingers in the Pie
Charles R. Morris
Shakespeare’s Brutus says, There is a tide in the affairs of men,/ Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.
Creating a Personal Retreat
John Predmore
The day after I finished reading Margaret Silf’s Wayfaring, I had an encounter with a young woman who helped me experience the v
People, Look East
Jonathan Y. Tan
It is not often that one finds a book on Asian Catholics written by an American and published in the United States that is not only infor

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The Word
Get Me to the Church on Time!
John R. Donahue
Faith in Focus
Meeting Jane Marie
Kathleen Mulhall Haberland
Clergy on Politics
Nancy Frazier O
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
John Predmore
Sudden Widow
Barbara J. Morejohn
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