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October 7, 2002

Vol.187 / No.10

Vatican May O.K. Experimental Application of U.S. NormsThe Vatican is leaning toward approval of an experimental application of the U.S. bishops’ norms on sexual abuse by clergy, perhaps after some clarifying language is added, a senior Vatican official said. “This would not be a rejection b

William A. Barry October 07, 2002

This is an important book Christopher Ringwald makes strikingly clear that spirituality is the ldquo soul of recovery rdquo from addiction Through interviews and research he shows that addicts have for over a century found the way to sobriety and to a positive contribution to society through so

John F. Kavanaugh October 07, 2002

Why do media moguls think we are interested in Ashleigh Banfield? Why do they believe that we couldn’t wait to be afflicted with Phil Donahue again? Why do they imagine that we are concerned about Rosie’s magazine? Why do they think that Ann Coulter would be a media fixture if she were a

The Word
John R. Donahue October 07, 2002

Recently I watched ldquo My Big Fat Greek Wedding rdquo a film filled with the exuberant joy of the human condition It culminates in a wedding feast with steaming plates of food much to drink and enthusiastic dancing Frequently in literature and drama weddings are the setting for a joyful deno

The Rev. John P. Beal October 07, 2002

In the heat of a Dallas summer and the even more intense heat of national and international media scrutiny, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops met on June 14 to address what they described as a crisis without precedent in our times, namely the crisis within the Catholic Church sparked by the se

Rebecca Rotert October 07, 2002

I pull my wool sweater on over my nightgown

John Predmore October 07, 2002

Singing to the Dead recounts the experiences of Victoria Armour-Hileman a Catholic lay missioner from the United States among the Mon Buddhist refugees in Bangkok in the early 1990 rsquo s As the Burmese government intensifies its ethnic war on its Mon people Armour-Hileman engages in the daily