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September 16, 2002

Vol.187 / No.7
Tom OBrien September 16, 2002

As James M McPherson notes at the opening of his new book Sept 17 not Sept 11 was the worst day in American history mdash Sept 17 1862 Over 6 000 Americans died that day at Antietam four times as many as on D-Day and more than those who died in all the pre-1900 wars combined Many of the

Our readers September 16, 2002


Pope John Paul II’s affirmation of humanitarian intervention, mentioned by Drew Christiansen, S.J., (8/12), contrasts with the U.S. policy of acting only if it is in its strategic interest. East Timor showed the tragic gulf between the two.

The East Timorese voted


New Los Angeles Cathedral DedicatedNearly five years after its ground was blessed, and with thousands of people gathered in celebration in its plaza, the world’s newest cathedral church was opened and dedicated on Sept. 2 in downtown Los Angeles. “My friends, welcome to the city’s,

Ron Hansen September 16, 2002

In this disarmingly honest and haunting memoir the former governor of Nebraska and United States senator Bob Kerrey tells the story of his rite of passage from a rather na iuml ve and carefree childhood in the 1950 rsquo s Midwest to his transformation into a skeptical Vietnam veteran with the Cong

Kevin E. McKenna September 16, 2002

Before banks of cameras, intense lights and the gaze of victims of sexual abuse, the bishops of the United States recently debated in Dallas a new policy to “repair the breach” with those damaged at the hands of church ministers. They approved overwhelmingly a Charter for the Protection

The Word
John R. Donahue September 16, 2002

Two attitudes vie for center stage in American life One is a great sense of fairness and concern for equal rights equal pay for equal work equal opportunity for all The other is concern for the underdog joy when the last become first or the small college upsets a national power on an autumn aft

The Editors September 16, 2002

For months Washington and the world have been debating the Bush administration’s professed desire to carry out a pre-emptive war against Iraq. In early August, the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, headed by Senator Joseph Biden (Democrat of Delaware), opened hearings on the anticipated confli