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September 9, 2002

Vol.187 / No.6
Faith in Focus
John J. McLain September 09, 2002

Awailing ululation echoes across the night as I trudge up the sandy hill, the Muslim call to prayer that signals the end of the day. As I crest the hill, I pause to catch my breath. The thin air at this altitude makes any form of physical exertion a daunting task. The wind blows, and a whisper of sa

Emilie Griffin September 09, 2002

Catholics have always relied on church teaching for an understanding of marriage expressed perhaps in papal encyclicals and theological studies But A Daring Promise is different from these It is both intellectual and spiritual offering a treatment of married spirituality that is in rather short

John Langan September 09, 2002

Down the street from your house is an unpretentious bungalow. You don’t often see the owner, but when he does appear, he wears a dark suit and dark glasses on even the cloudiest and hottest days. You sometimes notice bulges in his clothing. He rarely speaks or shows much interest in the neighb

Faith in Focus
Bernarda Sharkey September 09, 2002

I remember reciting the phrase about mourning and weeping in this valley of tears in the Hail, Holy Queen, a prayer I said often when I was growing up, and being aware at the time of the immense suffering in the world. Perhaps it was because I was a child during World War II or because the church ta

James Martin, SJ September 09, 2002

Sunday, September 23, 2001. This morning I am here with Joe and Chris, two young Jesuits from Fordham University. Part of Jesuit training includes philosophy studies, and there is a large community of Jesuit scholastics studying at Fordham, for whom working at Ground Zero has become a kind of t

The Word
John R. Donahue September 09, 2002

Following the law of ldquo end stress rdquo Matthew rsquo s sermon on church life concludes with a dramatic parable that shapes the interpretation of the whole chapter Peter provides the foil for Jesus rsquo teaching by asking how often he must forgive a sinning brother or sister suggesting a

John F. Kavanaugh September 09, 2002

Finally some questions are being asked about the plans to invade Iraq. Strangely enough, the biggest stir has been caused not by the churches or the Democratic Party, but by the likes of Henry Kissinger and Richard Armey. Imagine, Kissinger and Armey, the voices of moderation—although their mo