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August 26, 2002

Vol.187 / No.5
The Word
John R. Donahue August 26, 2002

After the grand promises given to Peter in Mt 16 16-20 Jesus points his disciples to Jerusalem where he will suffer greatly and ultimately be crucified Peter to whom God revealed that Jesus was Messiah ldquo rebukes rdquo Jesus a strong word often when Jesus ldquo rebukes rdquo a demon

Robert P. Maloney August 26, 2002

Patrick Kavanagh, the Irish poet, once wrote:

Barry R. Strong August 26, 2002

On the Fourth Sunday of Easter, I replaced my pastor as administrator of the parish of the Immaculate Conception in the Diocese of Raleigh. Under the diocesan Code of Professional Responsibility, he was removed by the bishop because of an allegation of sexual misconduct with a teenager that took pla

The Editors August 26, 2002

Ever since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, immigrants seeking to enter the United States have faced higher hurdles. This includes asylum seekers, and some have been treated in an especially painful and discriminatory manner. Among them are Haitians currently detained in south Florida. In their de

Christopher W. Franz August 26, 2002

A school particularly a Jesuit school is a family mdash a community of brothers and sisters who share a common name as alumni a common ancestry in the generations that came before common parents in the faculty a common Ignatian culture and a common responsibility for the generations to come A

Of Many Things
James Martin, SJ August 26, 2002

A popular and pious saying is that God gives you the graces you need. This is thought to be especially true in your ministry or vocation. If you are a parent, for example, God will give you the graces you need to raise your children—like patience, compassion and wisdom. Likewise, to accomplish

Eileen Wirth August 26, 2002

Even though the U.S. bishops have adopted reforms to try to end the clerical scandals, do not expect any letup in the media’s focus on the church. View the past six months as a Catholic Watergate and expect consequences similar to those that presidents and political candidates have endured fro