The National Catholic Review

June 17, 2002

Vol. 186 No. 20Whole No. 4573


The Charter

The U.S. bishops’ Ad Hoc Committee on Sexual Abuse has proposed a Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People for consideration by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops at their meeting in Dallas on June 13-15.


Books and Culture

Education for Life
Ann Lloyd Breeden

Education has long been one of the pillars for the bridge between Christian faith and the world, fostering the development of reason, giv

The Year in TV
James Martin, SJ

It would be difficult to discuss the past year of television without first addressing the effects of Sept. 11 on the medium.

Columns and Departments

The Word
A New Age of Martyrs

John R. Donahue

The Word
To Give and Not to Count the Cost

John R. Donahue

Otto and Dexter: A Tale of Hope

Lorraine V. Murray

Of Many Things
Of Many Things

George M. Anderson

Blind Spot

Bruce McBirney


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