The National Catholic Review

June 3, 2002

Vol. 186 No. 19Whole No. 4572


Zero Tolerance

When the U.S. bishops meet in Dallas, Tex., on June 13-15, the sexual abuse crisis will be at the top of their agenda. The media, the laity and the nation will be watching, ready to pass judgment on the bishops if they do not meet expectations.

Books and Culture

Notre Dame's Fighting Frenchman
James T. Connelly
Edward Sorin arrived in the United States from France in 1841, 27 years old, three years ordained and the religious superior of a band of
Whence Human Depravity?
Stephen J. Duffy
Andrew Delbanco has persuasively argued in his book
A Way Out of Darkness
Brian J. Stevens
As a failed coup attempt in December 2001 delivered yet another wound to Haiti, conventional wisdom again declared the Caribbean nation t
The End of Hollywood
Richard A. Blake
That delightful lull between the end of classes and the beginning of exams provided the perfect opportunity to catch up on movies missed

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The Word
Ordinary Manner
John R. Donahue
The Word
Extraordinary Mission
John R. Donahue
Faith in Focus
Goose and Me
Jennifer Kelly Carpenter
Imagining My Golden Years
Thomas J. McCarthy
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
Patricia A. Kossmann
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