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May 27, 2002

Vol.186 / No.18
Of Many Things
George M. Anderson May 27, 2002

Not being a television fan, on free evenings I tune in to some classical music on National Public Radio. The music serves as background for reading. Early in the morning, I turn on the radio again for the news in Spanish as part of my efforts to learn that language.As a child, however, listening to

The Word
John R. Donahue May 27, 2002

Though today rsquo s feast almost seems like an appendix to the liturgy of Holy Thursday and solemnizes what we believe in every liturgy it provides a wonderful overture to the resumption of Ordinary Time The feast originates in the visions of St Juliana of Mt Cornillon 1193-1258 and was celeb

Our readers May 27, 2002


You’ve done something wrong, repented and have spent the following years, even decades, in faithful, compassionate service to others. Then, without warning, you’re placed on extended medical leave, and your calling is gone overnight (4/22). The resultant trauma is mind-

John R. Quinn May 27, 2002

In terms of its harm and far-reaching effects, the present crisis in the church must be compared with the Reformation and the French Revolution. It is this conviction that brings to my mind the forthright declaration of the Second Vatican Council, Our era needs wisdom more than past ages.... The fut

The Editors May 27, 2002

Expectations are high for the spring meeting of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in Dallas, Tex. Priests, bishops and laity hope that the meeting will resolve the credibility crisis that has afflicted the church since the latest round of sexual abuse scandals exploded in Boston. The

Donald Kerwin May 27, 2002

In The Mercy Factory Christopher J Einolf offers a gripping firsthand account of the challenges terror and exhilaration of representing political asylum-seekers The book vividly captures the work rsquo s life-and-death intensity Like many charitable legal service providers in the field Einolf

John W. OMalley May 27, 2002

Has there ever been anything like it in the history of the church? That is a question I have been asked a number of times since the sexual abuse scandal swelled to its present din. Not a day goes by without allegations of improper conduct by Roman Catholic clergy. Not a day goes by without evidence