The National Catholic Review

May 6, 2002

Vol. 186 No. 15Whole No. 4568


Mission Impossible?

When Secretary of State Colin Powell returned from the Middle East, the talking heads speculated that his mission had been a failure. They could make a plausible case.


Renewal and Renovation
Thomas R. Slon

Two high-profile projects, the building of the cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles and the renovation of the cathedral of St.

One Bread, One Body?
Christopher J. Ruddy

In Lake Wobegon land, where I teach, ecumenism is largely a Lutheran-Catholic affair, cemented by the shared sacraments of beer and ice-fishing.

Francis of Assisi: A Symbol of Peace
Jay M. Hammond

Since Sept. 11 the world’s attention, or at least America’s, has been focused on the war on terrorism.

Avoiding Mass Hysteria
Elizabeth A. Ficocelli

My husband and I are frequently approached after Mass by people who feel compelled to tell us how good our children were in church that day.

Let the Congregation Sing Out
Albert Boehm

The ultimate measure of a choir, cantor or music program is the fervor with which the congregation sings.

Books and Culture

One Ground
Terry Walsh
To what extent would it be meaningful, or even coherent, to think of the moods and experiences of a human lifeits solitude, fears, suffer
Poor Poor Clare
Franco Mormando
Dava Sobel’s 1999 bestseller, Galileo’s Dau
Downhill Since Victoria
Peter Heinegg
Though the mostly unheralded centennial of Queen Victoria’s death has now drawn to a close, it is pleasant to see various aspects of her

Columns and Departments

The Word
The Whisper of Truth
John R. Donahue
Faith in Focus
South Bronx Funeral
Mark Redmond
Men of the Cloth
Thomas J. McCarthy
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
Patricia A. Kossmann
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