The National Catholic Review

April 29, 2002

Vol. 186 No. 14Whole No. 4567


Executing the Mentally Retarded

Should Mentally retarded people be executed? That the question is even being posed shows how deeply entrenched capital punishment remains in the United States.


A Cautionary Tale
Michael R. Panicola

Catholic health care is a ministry whose deep roots can be traced back to the healing works of Jesus and to the compassionate care of religious women and men and laypersons around the world over ma

Abuses of Another Kind
John F. Kavanaugh

I think it was in the early 1980’s that I met a fellow Jesuit at a conference on liberation theology and philosophy.

Architects of Success
Kenneth G. Davis

Although parents may well attend whatever church makes their children feel most welcome, young people are not as likely to attend a church simply because it appeals to their parents.

Harvesting Organs from Cadavers An Ethical Challenge
John J. Paris

“We are being pressured to participate in non-heartbeating cadaver organ transplants at our hospital, and we don’t think it is ethical,” commented the I.C.U. director of a major medical center.

Books and Culture

Blooding the Ghosts
Paul Mariani
For the past several hundred years, since the invention of the printing press and the dissemination of books in fact, the most frequent e
Sustaining Baby
James T. Bretzke
While the majority of the 53,000 babies born prematurely each year in the United States would have died soon after birth if they had been
Offensive Realism
Keir A. Lieber
John Mearsheimer, the R.
What Johnny Needs Most
John A. Coleman
Finding quality child care in America is almost every parent’s quest or nightmare.

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Time to Move Out
John R. Donahue
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Waiting for a Good Lawyer
John R. Donahue
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Fundamentally, It's Love
Adele Azar-Rucquoi
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Of Many Things
George M. Anderson
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