The National Catholic Review

March 18, 2002

Vol. 186 No. 9Whole No. 4562


The Bush Doctrine

When Thomas Jefferson became president in 1801, the problem of the Barbary pirates was waiting for him.


Philip R. Sullivan

Shortly after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, I went to an automobile garage and was greeted by a bearded man of Middle Eastern appearance who asked in a foreign accent how he could be of help.

The Case of Sufiyatu Huseini in Nigeria
Michael OSullivan

On Oct. 9, 2001, an Islamic law court in the State of Sokoto in northern Nigeria ordered Safiyatu Huseini Tungar Tudu to be buried up to her head and shoulders and stoned to death.

The Future Church
Joseph Claude Harris

Peter Drucker, writing in the Nov. 3, 2001, issue of The Economist, described a revolution that will cause a restructuring of European and American economies and cultures for much of this century.

Whatever Happened to Limbo?
Gerald M. Fagin

The Catechism of the Catholic Church includes a reassuring and pastorally sensitive statement on the future life of infants who die without baptism: As regards children who have died without

Books and Culture

A Living Narrative
Edward Curtin
This is a brilliant, complex and compelling analysis of emotions and their significance in personal and social life.
The God of No Return
John Omicinski
Economics has dabbled in theology from its beginnings.
Ordinary and Extraordinary
M. L. del Mastro
The Rev. Richard P.

Columns and Departments

The Word
Joyful and Subversive Memory
John R. Donahue
Faith in Focus
Taking It With Me
Amy Gibson
Mercy's Grace at Work in the Public Schools
Some Solace
Terry Golway
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
John W. Donohue
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