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March 11, 2002

Vol.186 / No.8
Valerie Schultz March 11, 2002

When I was home with my four baby birds, I used to say, When I go back to work, I want a cleaning service. Just one day a week. Let someone else scrub the shower and wipe the dog’s nose prints from its glass door. I will pay handsomely. I hated housework. Somehow during our nesting years, it b

Robert Kress March 11, 2002

Many people talk about the priest as acting in persona Christi, "in the person of Christ." But so do all the baptized. They act in the person of Christ in various ways, as Paul emphasizes. There is one body of Christ with many different members. There is one Holy Spirit, who gives to

The Word
John R. Donahue March 11, 2002

Death has been too much our companion in recent months near us not only in the disaster of Sept 11 but in molten lava submerging a village crumbling houses in Turkey and a horrendous fire in Lagos Death walks with Jesus in today rsquo s Gospel as he moves in measured pace toward his suffering a

Of Many Things
George M. Anderson March 11, 2002

You may have noticed in a recent issue of America (2/25) a listing of retreat houses around the country, sponsored by both Jesuits and others. (The list will be kept up to date on America’s Web site.) Jesuits generally make an annual retreat of six to eight days, and while the specific purpose

The Editors March 11, 2002

A sharp cutoff in refugee admissions represents one of the lesser noted repercussions of September’s terrorist attacksa repercussion with dangerous ramifications for the more than 20,000 refugees who had already been approved for entry into the United States before the attacks. Many were fleei


'Underdogs’ Winning in Congress, Rural Life Advocates SayRural life and family-farm advocates say they are winning the legislative fight on the 2002 farm bill, but the game is not yet over. "We’re in the third quarter of [debate on] this year’s farm bill. We’re the u

Our readers March 11, 2002

This Mess

Your editorial about sexual abuse by priests (2/18) reminds me that the past secrecy of our bishops in this matter is somewhat analogous to the Nixon administration’s coverup of Watergate. The Watergate break-in was bad enough, but the coverup made Nixon’s White House