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February 25, 2002

Vol.186 / No.6
Edward Collins VacekFebruary 25, 2002

More than one perplexed priest has asked me: "What should I do when people come to confession and say they have nothing to confess?" It used to be that when people had not been to confession in years, they would offer a lengthy list of sins. Or longtime sinners would say, "You name it

Of Many Things
James Martin, SJFebruary 25, 2002

When I was growing up in suburban Philadelphia in the 1960’s and 1970’s, most of my friends were Jewish. I can say with confidence that I went to more seders than novenas, and attended more bat and bar mitzvahs than First Communion parties. At one point, I had been to so many bar mitzvah

Tom OBrienFebruary 25, 2002

America rsquo s Bishop the first full biography of Fulton Sheen holds a candle to its subject The prose does not burn the page Trying to outshine a shooting star is doomed to failure For all his solid scholarship however Thomas C Reeves gives us fast and focused narrative Although loaded wi

Emilie GriffinFebruary 25, 2002

I once had a spiritual director who told me that A Lent missed is a year lost from the spiritual life. Every year at this time, those words come winging back. And often my best Lenten devotion flows from reading. Here are a few reflective titles that seem worth mention for these 40 days.Philip Yance


Chinese Documents Detail Crackdown on ReligionSeven top-secret Chinese documents detailing government plans to crack down on religion were smuggled out of China and published on Feb. 11. The government documents, issued between April 1999 and October 2001, detail the goals and actions of China&

Our readersFebruary 25, 2002

Heart of the Gospel

Thanks to John R. Donahue, S.J., for a precise surgical reflection on the Gospel, Jesus in the Dock (2/11). It cuts directly to the heart of the matter. The Word column is the first thing I read, and I am never disappointed. Now that I am teaching Scripture,

Faith The Word
John R. DonahueFebruary 25, 2002

For Christ, while we were still godless, died at the appointed time for the ungodly (Rom. 5:6)