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February 4, 2002

Vol.186 / No.3
Terrence E. Dempsey February 04, 2002

In January 2000 the Smithsonian American Art Museum until recently known as the Smithsonian Museum of American Art closed until 2004 for major renovations to its home in the historic Old Patent Office Building in Washington D C Instead of storing all of its collection in vaults inaccessible to

Paul Lauritzen February 04, 2002

Last March I argued in these pages (Neither Person nor Property, 3/26/01) that approaching stem cell research in terms characteristic of the abortion debate has slowed progress in sorting out the complex moral issues raised by such research. The announcement on Nov. 25, 2001, that the first human em

The Word
John R. Donahue February 04, 2002

Lent is about to dawn and today rsquo s readings are a wake-up call Even on a bleak February day the readings are suffused with images of light Twice the prophet of Second Isaiah tells the people that their light shall break forth like the dawn or rise in the darkness It is not the light of vic

Thomas J. McCarthy February 04, 2002

Any fool knows that a person is not defined by his or her possessions. Far more important and interesting than what belongs to me is the question of what I belong to—that is, What am I attached to? For the Christian, it comes down to the question: What attachments keep me from following Jesus

David P. Schmidt February 04, 2002

What does Christian witness mean in today rsquo s world Stanley Hauerwas the Gilbert T Rowe Professor of Theological Ethics at Duke University answers this question by developing a highly original approach to natural theology Through imaginative and often provocative arguments Hauerwas challen

The Editors February 04, 2002

For its first 174 years, the federal government was, as one writer put it, only a benevolent spectator of what the states were doing in elementary and secondary public schools. In some cases, not much was done. As late as 1914, six Southern statesAlabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolin


Marchers Come to Washington to Tell The Truth About Abortion’In the shadow of the Washington Monument, tens of thousands of marchers gathered to hear a diverse collection of political and religious leaders speak about one goal. We are here to tell America the truth about abortion, said Nellie