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January 7, 2002

Vol.186 / No.1
Of Many Things
George M. Anderson January 07, 2002

Finding books right before your eyes on the sidewalk: this is one of those phenomena you can encounter almost daily in New York City. Here in Manhattan I have had the good fortune to come across both paperbacks and hardbacks in my comings and goings. If you are an undiscriminating book lover like me

Peter ODriscoll January 07, 2002

During his first official visit to New York, President George W. Bush paused between other duties to present a Congressional gold medal to the family of the late Cardinal John O’Connor. While covering that event, National Public Radio explored this administration’s efforts to reach out t

The Vatican January 07, 2002

The World Day of Peace this year is being celebrated in the shadow of the dramatic events of last Sept. 11. On that day, a terrible crime was committed: in a few brief hours thousands of innocent people of many ethnic backgrounds were slaughtered. Since then, people throughout the world have felt a

The Word
John R. Donahue January 07, 2002

This year the period between the end of the Advent-Christmas-Epiphany season and the beginning of Lent is brief There are just four Sundays as we begin ordinary time These initial readings continue the manifestation of Jesus with John the Baptist rsquo s witness of Jesus The readings are also uni

Faith in Focus
Jean Carbone January 07, 2002

It was after working hours, but I was still in the prison clinic, reviewing lab work, reading X-ray reports and noting recommendations from specialists to whom I had referred patients. From the clinic officer’s radio I heard a call to officers assigned to the emergency response teamthey were b

Denis Murphy January 07, 2002

The violence of the urban poor in the march on Manila’s presidential palace last May 1 shook the Philippine government, as well as the wider Filipino society. It convinced them that something had to be done quickly for the poormuch as the African-American riots precipitated a response in the U


War on Terrorism Unjustifiable, Say Some Catholic LeadersThe current war on terrorism is unjustifiable, says a group of leaders from Catholic institutions and religious congregations. Using the criteria laid down in the Catholic just war theory, they say, “the strong moral requirement of immun