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December 24, 2001

Vol.185 / No.21
Robert F. Drinan December 24, 2001

The thesis of this book written by a professor of political science at Colgate University is that modern democracy needs God The author who identifies himself as a practicing Catholic asserts that Christianity is weakened by its close alliance with the contemporary version of democracy and huma

Gerald OCollins December 24, 2001

A friend of mine who teaches homiletics recently examined and compared dozens of Christmas sermons published by seven major 20th-century theologians. She was happy to report that the divine love figured prominently in those sermons. The seven theologians all converged in proclaiming that the birth o

The Word
John R. Donahue December 24, 2001

The readings of the Christmas cycle are like a large tapestry in which you can follow the narrative sequence of the birth and infancy of Jesus or pause before one scene of particular beauty The liturgical cycle does not proceed in linear fashion since the celebration of the Holy Family and the fl

Renee M. LaReau December 24, 2001

We sit at the kitchen table in our pajamas, the late morning sun filtering through the windows. The Washington Post lies untouched on the table, along with bagel crumbs and big mugs of tepid, strong coffee. It is New Year’s Eve day, and four of us, our college friendships eight years young now

Mark Jarman December 24, 2001

The kingdom of God is within you. –Luke 17:21


The kingdom is inside somewhere all right.

Richard A. Blake December 24, 2001

Frantically searching for ways to postpone sitting down at the keyboard and trying to find something relatively new to say about the most over-analyzed film and social phenomenon of the year, I idly called up my favorite search engine and typed in harrypotter. The monitor blinked once and then came

Allan Figueroa Deck December 24, 2001

Reviewing Francisco Jim nez rsquo autobiographical treatment of his early years through high school was a movingeven spiritualexperience for me I say spiritual because the situations he relates reminded me of people and events in my own life that have shaped me at the deepest levels of my being