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December 24, 2001

Vol.185 / No.21
Allan Figueroa DeckDecember 24, 2001

Reviewing Francisco Jim nez rsquo autobiographical treatment of his early years through high school was a movingeven spiritualexperience for me I say spiritual because the situations he relates reminded me of people and events in my own life that have shaped me at the deepest levels of my being

Lorraine V. MurrayDecember 24, 2001

I dreamt I was standing at the pearly gates, clutching a handful of coupons. What are those? St. Peter asked. My volunteering coupons, I replied, placing them in his hand. Then I explained how I had earned them: all the times I had pitched in at church answering phones, singing in the choir, volunte


Pope Says Peace Must Include Justice as Well as ForgivenessIn his strongest statement since the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, Pope John Paul II said countries had a right to defend themselves against international terrorists. But he said true peace could not be achieved without justice and that for

Ronald LandfairDecember 24, 2001

On the day after the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday several years ago, I sat on my living-room sofa fuming at the television set. My wife entered the room and patiently asked me what news story had caused me such exasperation. I had just watched the national director for the American Red Cross urge

James S. TorrensDecember 24, 2001

John Simon known for the pungency of his drama and film critiques in New York magazine and elsewhere here delivers himself on writers touched by the spirit of poetrydreamers of dreams in the words of the prophet Joel The principal essays in this collection have appeared from 1991 onwards in Th

Of Many Things
Thomas J. ReeseDecember 24, 2001

Our Christmas gift to subscribers this year is our new Web site. We are very excited about it and believe you will find it informative and useful. Come visit us at: On our Web pages, you will find practically everything that is currently printed in the paper edition of Ameri

AnonymousDecember 24, 2001

If the church that hosted my first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting had been Catholic, I wouldn’t have gone near it. The religion I had been brought up in made me so angry in those days that I boycotted it in any way I could. But since the church was Presbyterian, I condescended to take a rear sea