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December 10, 2001

Vol.185 / No.19
Paul Mariani December 10, 2001

Once again the nightmare. The blueblack plume,

John F. Kavanaugh December 10, 2001

As the American memory of Thanksgiving fades and the pace quickens before Christmas, I hold before me a large postcard collage crafted by the Shalom network of the School Sisters of Notre Dame. Two compelling imagesa plume of smoke bulging from the World Trade Center, and a woman, apparently Afghan,

The Word
John R. Donahue December 10, 2001

Echoing through the readings today are messages of hopefor people almost three millennia ago for people at the beginning of the first millennium and for people today Amid the turmoil of internal injustice and invasion by the Assyrians Isaiah proclaims Be strong fear not Here is your God he c

James Martin, SJ December 10, 2001

In light of the events of Sept. 11, television seemsif this is possibleeven more banal than before. Despite the estimable Walter Cronkite's pronouncement at the much-delayed 2001 Emmy Awards that television helps to unite us and heal us and blah, blah, blah, it's hard not to look on the majo

Of Many Things
George M. Anderson December 10, 2001

As the church looks for new ways to respond to the needs of poor immigrants in urban areas like New York City, are there lessons we can learn from efforts to help earlier arrivals? Although The Godfather might lead us to believe that joining the Corleone family was the dream of every young Italian i

William Griffin December 10, 2001

It began innocently enough An anxious evangelical graduate student trying to reconcile Christian humility with intellectual pride through the study of C S Lewis A kindly professor devising an independent reading course which turned into a seminar then a large class finally a slender book Wesl

The Editors December 10, 2001

Military tribunals have been around for a long time in the United States, and they have often been controversial. The very idea of such courts is now provoking dissent both here and abroad. On Nov. 13 President Bush signed an executive order permitting individuals who are accused of terrorism and ar