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November 26, 2001

Vol.185 / No.17
The Editors November 26, 2001

Thomas Friedman, a New York Times columnist, must have found Oct. 26 a gratifying day. That Friday morning his column, under the heading We Are All Alone, expressed sharp criticism of what Mr. Friedman considers to be footdragging by most members of the antiterrorist coalition.That evening, Jim Lehr

Our readers November 26, 2001

From the President of the Council for Promoting Christian Unity

The editors of America have kindly invited me to respond briefly to the reply from Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (11/19). I am happy to do so, since Cardinal Ratzinger’s reply shows that two cardinals, both of whom are

Tom O'Brien November 26, 2001

There are two schools of American history Oneconservative nationalistic mythmakingcelebrates America as the city on the hill a land of liberty and escape from European tyranny The otherradical iconoclastic demythologizingviews the United States as the last global empire and laments its oppres

Benedict Auer November 26, 2001

“Before time had a name....” –William Stafford

At noon today

Faith in Focus
Rosemary Feerick November 26, 2001

Monday NightThere is a storm outside. Very unusual for September in the Bay Area. My 20-month-old son and I are watching the lights in the sky and mimicking the sounds of the stormhis first experience of lightning and thunder. At first he is fascinated and roars with the thunder, but he quickly beco

Lorraine V. Murray November 26, 2001

I went to visit my friend Isabelle the other afternoon. All smiles, she kissed me, grabbed a slice of bread and rushed into the yard. Before I could stop her, Isabelle was on her back, hurling tidbits of bread at the sky. Isabelle, I cried, What are you doing?Feeding the birds, she chortled, as the

The Word
John R. Donahue November 26, 2001

Life today often seems like a brief interlude between rushing and waiting We rush to airports only to wait in line hurry off to Christmas sales or returns and again wait and even wait in long lines to receive the Eucharist Waiting involves a necessary slowing down as well as hope of fulfillmen