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November 26, 2001

Vol.185 / No.17
Donald Heet November 26, 2001

It was a well-written homily. It reflected on the Gospel for the Sunday (the parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost, i.e., prodigal son) and developed a contemporary application: do we envision God as a cosmic policeman ready to pounce on us when we sin, or is God seen as a shepherd

Doris Donnelly November 26, 2001

Prayer is not alien territory for women They know the terrain well Detours bumps shortcuts slippery roads smooth sailing dangerous intersections cruise control They rsquo ve been there Done that Fortunately for us all women have left behind records of their journeys Sometimes thes

Of Many Things
David S. Toolan November 26, 2001

My mind stopped somewhere short of Washington’s resolute war planners. The equation of a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eyeI have no heart for it. Nor does my mind close around the vague and faceless enemies that we have sent our aircraft carriers to pursue in the Middle Eastor farther east

The Editors November 26, 2001

Thomas Friedman, a New York Times columnist, must have found Oct. 26 a gratifying day. That Friday morning his column, under the heading We Are All Alone, expressed sharp criticism of what Mr. Friedman considers to be footdragging by most members of the antiterrorist coalition.That evening, Jim Lehr

Our readers November 26, 2001

From the President of the Council for Promoting Christian Unity

The editors of America have kindly invited me to respond briefly to the reply from Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (11/19). I am happy to do so, since Cardinal Ratzinger’s reply shows that two cardinals, both of whom are

Tom O'Brien November 26, 2001

There are two schools of American history Oneconservative nationalistic mythmakingcelebrates America as the city on the hill a land of liberty and escape from European tyranny The otherradical iconoclastic demythologizingviews the United States as the last global empire and laments its oppres

Benedict Auer November 26, 2001

“Before time had a name....” –William Stafford

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