The National Catholic Review

October 15, 2001

Vol. 185 No. 11Whole No. 4543


One Cheer for the Racism Conference

The bitter grievances that many in the poor nations have against the rich nations produced two explosions last month, one actual and one figurative. The terrorist attacks on Sept. 11 were as real as death.


Remembering Eudora Welty
Kathleen Feeley
Extremists at Home
John F. Kavanaugh

Books and Culture

Repubblica Bellissima
Franco Mormando

When I learned that the subject of Garry Wills’s latest book was Renaissance Venice, my initial reaction was a mixture of surprise, disap

The Poor's Many Faces
John A. Coleman

At first reading, I thought Ronald Hill’s tack toward poverty somewhat puzzling, coming from someone whose specialty is social science an

Get Thee Behind Me!
Edward Curtin

Slowly over the past 25 years in the United States, the old belief in free will has been replaced by a pseudo-scientific belief in determ

Interfaith Encounter
Judith Bruder

One of the most striking attributes of Harvard Divinity School professor and theologian Harvey Cox has been timeliness.

Sacramental Poetry
Mathew Brennan

Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834) believed that one of the great miseries of his time was that it recognized no medium between Liter

Restless in Appalachia
Emilie Griffin

Perhaps I should have known from the title that Robert Morgan’s new novel is about faith.

Columns and Departments

The Word
The Widow's Might

John R. Donahue

Faith in Focus
Staying Catholic at Twenty-Something

Karla Manternach

Faith in Focus
Tis Grace Hath Brought Me Safe Thus Far

Walter J. Burghardt

Of Many Things
Of Many Things

Patricia A. Kossmann


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