The National Catholic Review

October 1, 2001

Vol. 185 No. 9Whole No. 4541


Evil and Good

Faced with the enormity of suffering and evil that we have seen in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, it is impossible to find words that are adequate to comprehend it. When we search for words to deal with this tragedy, we quickly find ourselves at a loss.

Books and Culture

A City Fails Its Kids
Michael S. Kugelman

All too often, significant court cases fail to arouse universal interest.

The Monks of Manitoba
Emilie Griffin

Rémy Rougeau has written a fresh and surprising narrative about the monastic life.

Succeeding for God
Walter F. Modrys

Visiting friends in New England recently, I listened to their lament about parish life.

Art as Process
Richard A. Blake

Forgive the ponderous title. As a veteran reviewer, I do recognize the limits of my role.

Columns and Departments

The Word
Strange Working Conditions

John R. Donahue

Of Many Things
Of Many Things

Patricia A. Kossmann


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