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September 17, 2001

Vol.185 / No.7
John LanganSeptember 17, 2001

One of the more interesting and paradoxical characters in the debate over capital punishment is the person on the political right who attempts to combine the libertarian suspicion of the state with support for capital punishment Such a person like George W Bush or Ronald Reagan affirms that the


French Bishop Convicted of Silence in Child Abuse CaseBishop Pierre Pican of the Diocese of Bayeux-Lisieux in Normandy, was convicted of keeping quiet about a priest who sexually abused children. He received a three-month suspended sentence. The priest, René Bissey, was sentenced to 18 years in pri

Robert W. SnyderSeptember 17, 2001

In an age when the Taliban invoke religion to justify demolishing statues of Buddha, it is heartening to learn of a Catholic jurist who used all of his powers of argument to prevent the burning of Jewish books. Better still to learn that the legal text through which he accomplished this feat is now,

John J. SavantSeptember 17, 2001

The more particular the focus goes one literary axiom the more universal its resonance Robert Frost rsquo s New England or William Faulkner rsquo s ldquo little postage stamp of Mississippi rdquo evoke worldwide response and admiration because the very palpability of their specific worlds will

Our readersSeptember 17, 2001

The Key WordCongratulations to Francis A. Sullivan, S.J., for his article, “The Magisterium in the New Millennium” (8/27). Father Sullivan feels he has no “prophetic gifts” with which to foresee how the magisterium will be exercised in the future. I believe he is a prophet fo

The Word
John R. DonahueSeptember 17, 2001

As the bright light of summer yields to the soft hues of autumn while students settle into school and parish activities move into high gear Christians often ponder over vacation expenses tuition bills and the impending cost of new projects Life in Christ seems to be taken over by calculator and

Chris AndersonSeptember 17, 2001

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