The National Catholic Review

September 10, 2001

Vol. 185 No. 6Whole No. 4538


Refugees at Risk

This year is the 50th anniversary of the United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees—a body of international law aimed at ensuring the rights of people fleeing persecution and civil unrest.


When Muslims and Christians Marry
Rita George Tvrtkovic
The Rush to Clone
Thomas A. Shannon

Books and Culture

The Stones Speak
James S. Torrens

In the era of air travel and bullet trains, what most people understand by “pilgrimage,” says Anne McPherson, is “a beeline trip to a dis

Tangled Troubles
Nancy J. Curtin

This book is a not a history of Catholicism in Ulster as a religion, but rather considers the Catholics of Ulster as a political and cult

A Trio With Brio
Constance M. McGovern

On Jan.

Columns and Departments

The Word
Look in Lost and Found

John R. Donahue

Faith in Focus
Change as a Matter of Faith

Mark Redmond

Faith in Focus
Love 101: It All Begins With Self

Carolyn Lawrence

Of Many Things
Of Many Things

Anthony Egan


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