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August 27, 2001

Vol.185 / No.5
Thomas R. MurphyAugust 27, 2001

An ideal of Ignatius Loyola one that Jesuit schools still cultivate in their students is the ldquo contemplative in action rdquo someone who combines deep reflection with effective deeds John Adams second president of the United States did not admire Ignatius However David McCullough rsquo

The EditorsAugust 27, 2001

In a speech to the nation televised from his Texas ranch on Aug. 9, President Bush discussed a moral question that for the past several months has preoccupied both him and many of his fellow citizens: should federal taxpayer dollars be used for research on stem cells that have been derived from livi

Eugene T. GomulkaAugust 27, 2001

While serving as the deputy chaplain of the U.S. Marine Corps, with supervisory responsibility for some 250 chaplains from some 60 different faith groups, I was discouraged by the disproportionate number of Catholic chaplains who were committing offenses that resulted either in their imprisonment or

Of Many Things
David S. ToolanAugust 27, 2001

Architects can poison your faith. I found that out between 1960 and 1962, when I lived in a huge seminary the Jesuits had recently built about an hour’s drive north of New York City. The seminary was what Le Corbusier once called a “machine for living”; it had all the charm of Sovi

Tom DeignanAugust 27, 2001

Frank McCourt rsquo s impoverished youth in Limerick recalled so vividly and brutally in Angela rsquo s Ashes actually could have been much worse according to the acclaimed author rsquo s cousin ldquo When we were in Killarney industrial school rdquo Pat Sheehan tells the writer and documen

Stephen J. KrupaAugust 27, 2001

When Dorothy Day turned 75 in 1972, America devoted an entire issue (11/11/72) to her and to the Catholic Worker movement that she had inspired for 40 years. Acknowledging Day’s singular contribution to church and society, the editors commented: “By now, if one had to choose a single ind

The Word
John R. DonahueAugust 27, 2001

More than any other Evangelist Luke portrays Jesus at meals He eats not only with tax collectors and sinners as in Mark and Matthew but with friends like Martha and Mary and he dines frequently with Pharisees In antiquity meals were important community events with their own rituals governing