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July 2, 2001

Vol.185 / No.1
James Martin, SJJuly 02, 2001

Over the past few years, leaning and loafing at your ease, as Walt Whitman would say, when you pondered the coming of the year 2001, what came to mind? Did you imagine yourself strapping on your personal jet pack, à la George Jetson, and zooming off to a high-tech job in some space pad? Or did you

Frank J. RodimerJuly 02, 2001

The Most Rev. Thomas V. Daily, bishop of Brooklyn, N.Y., recently wrote a lengthy pastoral letter on the current shortage of priests and the decline in the number of vocations. Under the title, Pray the Lord of the Harvest, the letter was published in the Nov. 11, 2000, issue of The Tablet, Brooklyn

John A. ColemanJuly 02, 2001

Nearly a century ago W E B Du Bois predicted that the problem of the 20th century would be the problem of the color line This was no less the problem of the 19th century But the contours of racism drastically changed in the 20th century as blacks moved north to Detroit and Chicago from the pla

Our readersJuly 02, 2001

Far-Flung Effect

America continues to be very relevant in Uganda. Recent articles on genetic disorders, discrimination against the disabled, homecoming (12/2/00) and ethical issues in cybermedicine have been mandated reading for third- and fourth-year medical students at Mbarara

The Word
John R. DonahueJuly 02, 2001

During the summer months people are on the move as luggage-laden cars inch along packed highways or hordes of people head for airportsall with the hope of some restful change from ordinary life Today rsquo s readings picture people on the move but for very different reasons The reading from Isaia

A silver anniversary is evocative of endurance along (one hopes) with bearing fruit, bonding and blessings. Such evocations and reminiscences came to mind this year on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the National Association for Lay Ministry, a Catholic organization in which I was active for


St. Francis de Sales, the patron of my religious community, once said, I am as human as anyone could possibly be. Encouraged by this very open disclosure by one of the great saints and doctors of the church, I have been spending a good bit of time these past several years reacquainting myself with t