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July 2, 2001

Vol.185 / No.1
Michael O'Neill McGrath July 02, 2001

St. Francis de Sales, the patron of my religious community, once said, I am as human as anyone could possibly be. Encouraged by this very open disclosure by one of the great saints and doctors of the church, I have been spending a good bit of time these past several years reacquainting myself with t


Bishops Tackle Liturgy, Global Warming, Mideast, MandatumThe U.S. Catholic bishops tackled issues ranging from global warming to the Middle East crisis, from liturgy to doctrine to moral teaching at their spring meeting on June 14-16 in Atlanta, Ga. The meeting was their final session under the name

Michael J. Coogan July 02, 2001

Anyone who thinks that biblical scholarship is a dry academic discipline dealing with ancient texts whose privileged position has long been accepted and whose interpretation over the centuries is pretty well established should read this book The interpretation of the Bible is in fact in ferment m

The Editors July 02, 2001

WHEN ROBERT KENNEDY was attorney general of the United States, he and his family frequently attended Sunday Mass in the auditorium of a large public high school in Arlington, Va. The local parish was newly created, and Virginia saw no problems in renting the auditorium to the parish while its new ch

The Word
John R. Donahue July 02, 2001

Eery few parables of Jesus have had the impact of the story of the Samaritan who stops and helps an injured man on the desolate road to Jericho The Good Samaritan has been portrayed in art at the Lancet Window at Chartres and by Bassano Giordano and Rembrandt Hospitals and health care systems hav

Thomas P. Sweetser July 02, 2001

We pastors have been meeting in focus groups around the country, trying to cope with the stress and strains of pastoral leadership. Though a small group, only 50 in all, we are from seven different parts of the country and represent the feelings and desires of many other pastors like ourselves. Afte

Of Many Things
George M. Anderson July 02, 2001

Once a month in the late afternoon, I take the subway uptown to Spanish Harlem. There, I celebrate Mass for a small community of sisters—the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The subway leaves me at East 116th Street, and I walk on for several blocks through a world very different from m