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May 21, 2001

Vol.184 / No.17
Micael M. Clarke May 21, 2001

Hopkins seems to think the whole universe is wonderful. I have a friend who just told me yesterday he has brain cancer. What does Hopkins have to say to him? A student at Loyola University Chicago asked this question recently in a class on Victorian literature, during a discussion of the English Jes

George M. Anderson May 21, 2001

Growth, growth, growth: this is the experience of Nativity-type middle schools—schools often based in whole or in part on a model developed at the Jesuit-sponsored Nativity Mission Center School in New York City, which began in 1971. Over three dozen schools are well established; others are ei

The Word
John R. Donahue May 21, 2001

For almost four years Tuesdays With Morrie has appeared on the best-seller list of The New York Times It is a moving account by Mitch Albom of conversations with his dying mentor Morrie Schwartz who had earlier taught a course on ldquo The Meaning of Life rdquo and now unfolded even deeper mean

Faith in Focus
William D. Glenn May 21, 2001

Several years ago, while I sat at my desk one morning at Continuum, an AIDS agency in San Francisco where I served as executive director, the phone rang. The caller identified herself as a secretary to the First Lady and asked if I would come to the White House for a community leaders’ forum l

Our readers May 21, 2001

Lucan Glitch

In Cardinal Walter Kasper’s article, On the Church (4/23), there is a puzzling paragraph (p. 11, top of first column): In the Gospel of Luke, the word ecclesia can signify a domestic community as well as a local community; further, Luke already has a

Dennis OBrien May 21, 2001

During World War II Arthur M Schlesinger Jr held a modest position in Elmer Davis rsquo s Office of War Information One of his few thrills was ghostwriting low-level messages for President Roosevelt Schlesinger recollects My first success was a presidential endorsement of Universal Bible Sunday

Dennis M. Linehan May 21, 2001

A religious sister friend has recently returned from a pilgrimage to sacred sites in eastern Europe. Among her most vivid impressions is the memory of a church in Gdansk, Poland. While the outside of the building had been fully restored and the church offered a full schedule of Masses and devotional