The National Catholic Review

May 21, 2001

Vol. 184 No. 17Whole No. 4529


The Bomb in a Suitcase

In a speech at the Joint Forces Command headquarters in Norfolk, Va., on Feb. 13, President George W. Bush warned that national security can be endangered in two new ways.


Teaching Hopkins Without Embarrassment
Micael M. Clarke

Hopkins seems to think the whole universe is wonderful. I have a friend who just told me yesterday he has brain cancer. What does Hopkins have to say to him?

Nativity and Its Offspring
George M. Anderson

Growth, growth, growth: this is the experience of Nativity-type middle schools—schools often based in whole or in part on a model developed at the Jesuit-sponsored Nativity Mission Center School in

A Positive Difference
Dennis M. Linehan

A religious sister friend has recently returned from a pilgrimage to sacred sites in eastern Europe. Among her most vivid impressions is the memory of a church in Gdansk, Poland.

Virginity Lost and Found
Julie A. Collins

While not every high school teacher regularly dons a purple stole, most of us have heard our share of confessions.

Books and Culture

History in the Making
Dennis OBrien
During World War II, Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. held a modest position in Elmer Davis’s Office of War Information.
Doom and Gloom
Tom OBrien
Last Christmas a Canadian journal reported that a feminist scholar had attacked the prevalence of the image of Frosty the Snowman on seas

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William D. Glenn
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Of Many Things
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