The National Catholic Review

May 7, 2001

Vol. 184 No. 15Whole No. 4527


A Federal Execution

The execution of Timothy J. McVeigh, scheduled for the morning of May 16, will be the first federal execution in almost four decades.


Why Close St. Ben's?
George B. Wilson

Saint Benevolens parish just got the dreaded word. As of next June, St. Ben’s will cease to be a parish. To appreciate this situation, there are some things you should know. St.

Parish and Small Church Communities
Robert K. Moriarty

Like little green shoots, small church communities are emerging all over the Catholic parish landscape. They are one of the more promising pastoral initiatives at work in U.S. parishes today.

Euthanizing Life
John F. Kavanaugh

About 10 years ago, a home video of a young Dutch woman named Maria appeared in a PBS presentation called Choosing Death.

Rating the Clergy
Andrew M. Greeley

The first ratings of clerical performance by the laity occurred almost a half century ago in a study by Catholic Digest, which was in fact the first sample survey ever of American religion.

Identity Crisis
Marian E. Crowe

WARNING: In this essay I use the terms conservative and liberal that no one likes. I don’t like those labels!

Books and Culture

In Form and Expression
John F. Baldovin
This is not the first book on the liturgy from Joseph Ratzinger, a German Catholic theologian, cardinal prefect of the Vatican Congregati
Who Really Cares?
John A. Coleman
This is a crucially important book.

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Faith in Focus
Waiting in Silence and Light
Colin Ellis
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
David S. Toolan
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