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April 9, 2001

Vol.184 / No.12
Doris Donnelly April 09, 2001

This is the story of a free-fall from remorse shame and self-loathing to peace gratitude and humility and of the parachute that made a safe landing possible The author is a wise and articulate recovering alcoholic nun who acknowledges that Alcoholic Anonymous saved her at a point in her life when

Thomas J. McCarthy April 09, 2001

Having scaled the steep rock mass to gain a panorama of the canyon, I stood facing an expanse of parched earth that seemed to be without end. My heart pounded, not because of the climb but because, from my precipitous perch on the edge of this overhanging slab, I could not afford the slightest misst

Gerald T. Cobb April 09, 2001

Carson McCullers described her distinguished novel The Heart is a Lonely Hunter as the story of five isolated lonely people in their search for expression and spiritual integration with something greater than themselves This thematic preoccupation combined with the fact that McCullers lived for a

Terry Tastard April 09, 2001

Nearly 60 years ago an ocean liner from North Africa nudged its way into New York harbor bearing hundreds of exhausted Jewish refugees from Vichy France. Among them was a pale, intense teacher of philosophy with only a year to liveSimone Weil. At that time she was almost unknown outside France. Sinc

Lawrence S. Cunningham April 09, 2001

Two 18th-century expatriate Catholic priests living in the seminary at Douai in France produced some works that subsequently had a seminal impact on the lives of English-speaking Catholics that endures to this day. Richard Challoner (1691-1781) revised the old Douai-Rheims version of the Bible (orig

Sally Cunneen April 09, 2001

This short enthusiastic explanation of why and how Catholics should come to know Mary the mother of Jesus through better acquaintance with her types in the Hebrew Scriptures obviously springs from true devotion The author Scott Hahn formerly a Presbyterian minister and now a professor of theolog


Worldwide Hunger Picture Still Bleak, Says Bread for WorldGrim realities about hunger worldwide are detailed in Foreign Aid to End Hunger, a report issued by Bread for the World Institute in Washington. The report urges President Bush and Congress to allocate an additional $1 billion a year in U.S.