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April 2, 2001

Vol.184 / No.11
Of Many Things
George M. AndersonApril 02, 2001

My mother was an immigrant, and ever since coming to New York a few years ago, I have wanted to visit Ellis Island. Now I have been there twice within the past year—last June and then on a bitterly cold day during Christmas week. My mother was luckier than most immigrants. Having grown up in t

Bernard M. DalyApril 02, 2001

Future development of the teachings of the Second Vatican Council on collegiality, liturgy, ecumenism and lay participation in church and society may depend heavily on how diocesan bishops face up to the prelates in Vatican offices before and during next October’s Synod of Bishops in Rome.The

J. Patout BurnsApril 02, 2001

This study of miracles draws upon excellent contemporary scholarship in the study of religion its acknowledgment of interpretative assistance reads like a who rsquo s who of academics working in the various fields its bibliography is extensive Kenneth Woodward rsquo s intention however is to ma

Our readersApril 02, 2001

People Before Profits

The article by Thomas J. Massaro, S.J., and Mary Jo Bane, Compassion in Action: A Letter to President Bush on Social Policy (3/12), was much needed. In recent weeks public dialogue has focused on across-the-board tax cuts and other proposals that do little to

James S. TorrensApril 02, 2001

Traffic, an Academy Awards nominee film directed by Steven Soderbergh, is a rapid-fire saga of the drug trade and of stumbling binational efforts to stop it. It is also a dark-hued morality play. The drug trading and the violence in Traffic take place on both sides of the border crossing between Tij

The EditorsApril 02, 2001

It is understandable that at first glance the idea of a national missile defense system is appealing. It promises perfect safety, rendering obsolete the madness of nuclear deterrence based on mutual assured destruction. If the system were to work, the threat of some enemy from across the ocean pulve

Faith in Focus
Mary Beth MooreApril 02, 2001

It came as a surprise to find myself compelled to reflect on consciousness and mortality. It happened because I went to a Zen retreat by accident. But then, though there are surprises in this life, we may collaborate in bringing ourselves to the place of surprise—to the brink, or to the unders