The National Catholic Review

March 26, 2001

Vol. 184 No. 10Whole No. 4522


AIDS and the Drug Companies

Through Medicaid and other programs, most poor people in the United States have access to the new AIDS drug therapies. But in developing countries, their cost—over $10,000 a year—has made their use all but impossible.

Books and Culture

So Near and Yet So Far
Eugene J. Fisher

The coincidence of timing in the publication of these two books, so different in tone, content and style, yet complementary in what they

Civilizing Greed
William J. Byron

Chapter by chapter, page by page, the reader of this book is engaged with a stimulating thinker who writes journalistically within disjun

Keeping a Killer in Check
Dr. Daniel P. Sulmasy

This book is at least as interesting because of the process of its creation as it is because of its content.

Columns and Departments

The Word
The Public Defender

John R. Donahue

Faith in Focus
The Light Under the Basket

Johanna Gulay

A New Saipan

Terry Golway

Of Many Things
Of Many Things

George M. Anderson

But for Sorrow

Rob Suarez


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