The National Catholic Review

March 19, 2001

Vol. 184 No. 9Whole No. 4521


Government and Charities

It was with great joy, President Bush said on Jan. 29, that he was announcing his plan to encourage private charitable agencies, both religious and secular.


The Amoral University
Willard F. Jabusch

The young man was clearly uneasy. Most people would insist that he had no cause for worry. After all, he would soon receive his M.B.A.

The Peace of Jerusalem
Anthony Egan, S.J.

Nine years ago, amid higher levels of political violence than had ever occurred before, white South Africans went to the polls.

Coming Out as a Catholic School Teacher
Gerald D. Coleman

In an article about maturity they contributed to Robert Nugent’s book A Challenge to Love (1983

Poland Today
Stanislaw Obirek

The re-election in October of a former Communist, Aleksander Kwasniewski, to a five-year term as president of Poland should be a lesson to the Polish church, according to Stanislaw Obirek, S.J., ed

Changing Catholic Models of Marriage
Michael G. Lawler

Marriage is in the news these days, but for mostly negative reasons.

Books and Culture

Recasting the Christian Story
Michael McGarry
During his recent pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Pope John Paul II enacted three iconic moments that symbolized to the world the new relati
Mad for God
John B. Breslin
Reading Mark Salzman’s spare, astringent novella about the struggles of a cloistered Carmelite nun inevitably reminds one of Ron Hansen’s
A Free Spirit
George M. Anderson
In The Soul Knows No Bars, Drew Ledera professor of Eastern and Western philosophy at Loyola College in Marylanddescribes his expe
Hollow Men
Richard A. Blake
Art is a blood sport. Really.

Columns and Departments

The Word
The Pardoner's Tale
John R. Donahue
A Trio of Love Notes
Lorraine V. Murray
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
Thomas J. Reese
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