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March 5, 2001

Vol.184 / No.7
Of Many Things
David S. Toolan March 05, 2001

God would have saved the city of Sodom, we are told in Gen. 18:22-33, if Abraham had only been able to find 10 just people. With all the bad news pouring out of Israel these daysdaily Palestinian and Jewish body counts, rising hysteria on both sides and a hardening of attitudesone finds oneself desp

Marie Anne Mayeski March 05, 2001

Sandra Schneiders rsquo new book on religious life in the Catholic community is a veritable buffet feast of data reflection analysis and opinion there is plenty here to make many people uncomfortable and some probably irritated But there is even more that will give hope to manyboth inside and o

Our readers March 05, 2001

Spirit Shared

The acclamations of James Martin, S.J., in support of women religious (1/8) and women in general in the church have lifted me right out of my chair. With a loud Amen! praise to you and to the Spirit that inspired and fired you up to speak a truth that needs to be

The Word
John R. Donahue March 05, 2001

The Gospel this week is the second half of the diptych that presents Jesus rsquo anticipated suffering the temptation and his ultimate exaltation the transfiguration All the Synoptic Gospels recount the transfiguration but each has its distinctive accents While Mark and Matthew locate it aft

Genevieve Cassani March 05, 2001

It was hot standing outside the row of one-room wooden “houses,” and I could not keep the mosquitoes and gnats away from my face and arms as we spoke. I poked around inside a small two-bed cubicle at their invitation—aware that the only access to air besides the screenless window w

James Martin, SJ March 05, 2001

Widely regarded as the dean of American Catholic theologians, Avery Dulles, S.J., was created a cardinal by Pope John Paul II at a consistory in Rome on Feb. 21. He is the first U.S. theologian to be named to the College of Cardinals, as well as the first American Jesuit to receive this honor. The s

Peter R. Beckman March 05, 2001

What to do about China Steven Mosher thumps for the containment of China by reinvigorating American alliances with its Asian allies denying access to technologies that enhance China rsquo s military making trade dependent on ending human rights abuses and unabashedly seeking the continuation of A