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February 26, 2001

Vol.184 / No.6
Faith in Focus
Lorraine V. MurrayFebruary 26, 2001

I spotted the woman the moment I walked into the hospital lobby. Shaking and sobbing uncontrollably, she was talking to someone on the phone. I couldn’t hear what she was saying, yet I felt a strong urge to comfort her. But something stopped me. She’s a stranger, I reminded myself, and i

Robert DurbackFebruary 26, 2001

In June 1994 in an Italian restaurant in Baltimore Michael Downey met with his friend and colleague Catherine Mowry LaCugna a professor of theology at the University of Notre Dame Together over linguini and Lonergan they hatched a plot Lamenting the notoriously dense and complex language sur

Our readersFebruary 26, 2001

What Can Be

I found the column Of Many Things by James Martin, S.J., (1/8) on the role of women religious in the church both inspiring and insightfulright up to his final sentence. After two columns detailing women’s leadership activity in the church today, why would he write that


Two Dioceses Object to Program for April N.C.E.A. ConventionCiting objections to programming at the upcoming National Catholic Educational Association convention, officials of the dioceses of Peoria, Ill., and Pittsburgh said they will not allocate diocesan funds to pay for teachers to attend the co

The EditorsFebruary 26, 2001

‘From the beginning,” said Pope John Paul II at his weekly general audience on Jan. 17, “God intended man to be the steward of creation and to live in harmony with his Creator, his fellow human beings and the created world.... There is an urgent need for ‘ecological conversio

Timothy P. MuldoonFebruary 26, 2001

A number of articles and books over the last few years have asked: What will the church look like in 20 years? Underlying this basic concern is an awareness that today’s young Catholic adults have not, it seems, employed the models of earlier generations to appropriate the faith and lack the c

Emilie GriffinFebruary 26, 2001

I have made quite a study of conversion stories and far from becoming jaded I seem to find each one is a surprise Everyone has an angle God rsquo s angle is also unpredictable Even though the happy ending is more or less assured there are always twists and turns along the way James Martin rs