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February 26, 2001

Vol.184 / No.6
Paul J. Fitzgerald February 26, 2001

Following up on his well-received first book Eyes on Jesus Michael Kennedy a Jesuit priest presents the prayerful reader with another set of poetic Ignatian meditations These Gospel dramas rsquo speak to the heart and engage the mind by kindling the imagination and inflaming the affect The pa

Robert F. Morneau February 26, 2001

Back in the 17th century, the Anglican priest-poet George Herbert maintained that the national sin of his day was idleness. Whether that was an accurate portrayal we must leave to historians and sociologists. But Herbert had no qualms in proposing that there was sin—one of a national kind.This

The Word
John R. Donahue February 26, 2001

The first two Sundays of Lent present the temptation and transfiguration of Jesus which form a virtual epitome of the paschal mystery Jesus taking on human form humbled himself even to death and was tested by his Father yet this was a presage of his glorification The following three Sundays in

Virginia Sullivan Finn February 26, 2001

From the beginning, it has been hard for me to understand. It’s odd. I have always been ferociously anti-guru. If I sense the slightest odor of charisma, I run for cover. Fortunately, I came to discover that Virginia, a spiritual director in the Ignatian tradition, disliked being called a teac

Faith in Focus
Lorraine V. Murray February 26, 2001

I spotted the woman the moment I walked into the hospital lobby. Shaking and sobbing uncontrollably, she was talking to someone on the phone. I couldn’t hear what she was saying, yet I felt a strong urge to comfort her. But something stopped me. She’s a stranger, I reminded myself, and i

Robert Durback February 26, 2001

In June 1994 in an Italian restaurant in Baltimore Michael Downey met with his friend and colleague Catherine Mowry LaCugna a professor of theology at the University of Notre Dame Together over linguini and Lonergan they hatched a plot Lamenting the notoriously dense and complex language sur

Our readers February 26, 2001

What Can Be

I found the column Of Many Things by James Martin, S.J., (1/8) on the role of women religious in the church both inspiring and insightfulright up to his final sentence. After two columns detailing women’s leadership activity in the church today, why would he write that