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February 19, 2001

Vol.184 / No.5
Eric StoltzFebruary 19, 2001

Not since the invention of television has a new technology portended such changes in the way we live as has the Internet. Internet access continues to triple each year, and the content of the World Wide Web grows exponentially at regular intervals. People are using the Internet not only to receive n

George M. AndersonFebruary 19, 2001

The U.S. bishops issued a statement at their November meeting in Washington, D.C., called Welcoming the Stranger Among Us. Although largely intended as guidelines for parishes with many new members who come from other countries and cultures, the document also makes brief but pointed reference to the

Robert Blair KaiserFebruary 19, 2001

Ari Goldman and I worked side by side some 20 years ago at The New York Times We admired each other I think for a perceived seriousness in the way we went about covering the religion beat It wasn rsquo t just a job it was a vocationto get the story right not just get it written But we were not

Dennis M. LinehanFebruary 19, 2001

Nearly 20 years presiding over classrooms of college freshmen provided me ample opportunity to confirm or question the conclusions of developmental psychology. One popular parlor trick used to engage students in the learning experience was to ask them to recall, in as much detail as possible, their

The Word
John R. DonahueFebruary 19, 2001

Whether dispensed by Ann Landers Miss Manners a legion of talk show hosts or reams of self-help books handy advice on a host of matters is as American as apple pie Whatever their lofty and diverse religious ideals people live out of a store of folk wisdom A stitch in time saves nine You do w

The EditorsFebruary 19, 2001

George Bush and Bill Clinton both wanted to be an education president and both wanted to make U.S. public schools the best in the world. Neither succeeded, although in his various farewells Mr. Clinton talked as though he thought he had. Two immovable obstacles blocked their way.In the first place,


Funding for Faith-Based Initiatives Seen as First HurdleThe first real test of whether President Bush’s proposed faith-based initiatives will succeed in changing the way the nation’s social services are provided will come in his budget proposal, said an official with Catholic Charities U