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February 5, 2001

Vol.184 / No.3
Of Many Things
John W. DonohueFebruary 05, 2001

Avery Dulles became a Roman Catholic in 1940 when he was a first-year student at the Harvard Law School. Two years later, he was commissioned as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Navy and served on submarine chasers and aircraft carriers patrolling Atlantic and Mediterranean waters. For his liaiso

Richard A. BlakeFebruary 05, 2001

Sullivan’s Travels, the Preston Sturges movie from 1941, tells the story of John L. Sullivan (Joel McCrea), not the boxer, but a Hollywood director of highly successful light comedies. He is determined to change his image by adapting a ponderous social-message novel entitled O Brother, Where A

James L. FredericksFebruary 05, 2001

John Thiel who teaches at Fairfield University in Connecticut has already published books on authority as well as the debate over foundationalism Now he argues for a more complex appreciation of the meaning and dynamics of tradition As patristic and medieval theology recognized multiple senses i

John F. KavanaughFebruary 05, 2001

When thinking of moral courage in the context of political life, I have at times imagined a bold politician refusing to support unjust laws. I could see someone who, like Eliot Richardson in those Watergate days, would step down from high office rather than execute the will of a superior who was dem

The Word
John R. DonahueFebruary 05, 2001

quot Cursed rdquo be the one who trusts in human beings ldquo the wicked rdquo are like chaff that the wind drives away and ldquo Woe rdquo to you who are rich and filled now Harsh words for a Sunday in grey February In Luke rsquo s Sermon on the Plain in contrast to Matthew while the po

The EditorsFebruary 05, 2001

One might think that last year’s particularly strong economy would have led to a reduction in the number of requests for emergency food and shelter. In fact, however, the year 2000 actually saw a rise in both areas. This was among the sad findings of the United States Conference of Mayors&rsqu

Our readersFebruary 05, 2001

Peculiar Concepts

Valerie Schultz (Renew the Face of the Earth! 1/8) should not be amazed at the outrageous attack the journal Crisis made about the Renew program. It is par for the course. Any time a work in the church, no matter how fine it may be, does not fit into their