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January 22, 2001

Vol.184 / No.2
T. Patrick Hill January 22, 2001

This is a book that promises much but delivers relatively little at least if we are to take the authors declared intentions at their face value We are told unambiguously in the preface that Recreating Medicine is intended to be on the cutting edge of the new medical ethics issues of our time Urgi

Faith in Focus
Lorraine V. Murray January 22, 2001

I spotted the baby in the gardening section of the store. While his parents were scrutinizing tomato plants, the baby perched in his stroller, watching intently. He had a head of lazy blond curls, stout legs and a round face. What a beautiful boy! I exclaimed, and both parents smiled proudly. He cou

The Word
John R. Donahue January 22, 2001

Rarely are the three Lectionary readings so integrated as they are this Sunday They all portray Gods call though in diverse and dramatic fashion Isaiah the confidant of kings receives Gods call in an overwhelming vision of the Holy One in the temple and responds simply Here I am send me Paul

The Editors January 22, 2001

On election night last November, PBS-TV’s NewsHour With Jim Lehrer asked three veteran journalists to size up the media’s coverage of the presidential race. Marvin Kalb, who directs a center at Harvard University for the study of the press and politics, complained that foreign policy had


In Final Jubilee Document, Pope Outlines Vision of Church’s PathIn a final document on the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000, Pope John Paul II revisited highlights of the Holy Year and suggested how its spiritual gifts can help lead others to the Gospel. The apostolic letter, titled Novo Millenn

Arts & Culture Books
Thomas R. Murphy January 22, 2001

Maurice Isserman the William R Kenan Jr Professor of History at Hamilton College in Clinton N Y has a well-earned reputation as a leading historian of the American political left His specialty has led him to explore the life of the socialist activist Michael Harrington (1928-89).

Our readers January 22, 2001

Much Missed

A word of thanks to you for the wonderful Of Many Things column by James Martin, S.J., about women as disciples (1/8). It both humbles and energizes me to read your words. I live and pray with the belief that the church will experience a conversion and recognize how