The National Catholic Review

December 23, 2000

Vol. 183 No. 21Whole No. 4512


Christmas 2000

In a sermon preached at Oxford around 1825, when he was still an Anglican, John Henry Newman began by saying that in every part of Scripture it is told us again and again, that to make sinful creat


Social Security and the Poor
Eugene Steuerle

It is tempting to assess the modern debate over Social Security according to what any proposed changes will do for each of us personally.

Enough Oversight?
Francis J. Butler

Charitable appeals reach their full force across the nation about now, as the asking season roars in like a winter gale.

Symbols Are Not Just Symbols
John W. Healey

Many Catholics, perhaps especially among the clergy, continue to be dismayed by the 1994 New York Times survey, according to which over half the Catholics who attend Mass weekly said that they beli

Books and Culture

International Peace Initiatives
Claire Shaeffer-Duffy
The American activist and pacifist A. J. Muste once said, There is no way to peace; peace is the way. His maxim is pithy but enigmatic.
For All the World to See
Robert F. Drinan
Privacy has no enemies. Its friends date back at least to St.
Virtuous Education
Timothy R. Lannon
Ex Corde Ecclesiae, the Vatican document issued by John Paul II on Aug.

Columns and Departments

The Word
Words to Live By; A Light to Guide
John R. Donahue
The Word
John R. Donahue
Faith in Focus
God as Mother
Julie Donovan Massey
Exploring an Alternative Image of Love
Point of Embarkation
Thomas J. McCarthy
While Christmas is the goalthat which we long forit is by no means the end.
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
James Martin, SJ
Formal Brief: The Name
Scott Cairns