The National Catholic Review

December 16, 2000

Vol. 183 No. 20Whole No. 4511


Earned Income Tax Credits

The percentage of Americans living in poverty is the lowest it has been in over 20 years. Nevertheless, over against this positive news is the fact that a sixth of the nation’s children remain poor.


Putting Christ Back Into Chri$tmas
John F. Kavanaugh

What no money can buy.

Angry and Alienated
Michael Hout

Divorced and Remarried Catholics in the United States

Books and Culture

Urging a Civil Conversation
John A. Coleman

Martin Marty, the church historian and trusted commentator on American religious life, has recently spearheaded a three-year, multi-prong

Statues Aside
Kathy O'Connell

What really got under my skin about Beverly Donofrio’s Looking for Mary came toward the end.

Humanism or Formalism?
Aldo Scaglione

This volume presents the lectures of a seminar held at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Education in 1999, a year that spawned sev

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The Word
I Sing of a Maiden

John R. Donahue

The Word

John R. Donahue

Of Many Things
Of Many Things

James Martin, SJ


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