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October 21, 2000

Vol.183 / No.12
The Word
John R. Donahue October 21, 2000

As the days shorten and the beautiful autumn colors begin to fade the church reminds us of both the splendor and frailty of Christian life Goodness and love of God and neighbor in the lives of countless and nameless holy ones have illumined our way but they have departed as we commemorate the fea

Faith in Focus
Valerie Schultz October 21, 2000

The girl who plows into my 13-year-old daughter as we stroll through the park at the annual Mountain Festival is solid. She is pierced with studs in odd places. Her tank top just covers her adolescent breasts. The force of her forward-pumping legs nearly knocks my daughter off her feet, and she stag

George M. Anderson October 21, 2000

What type of work have you been doing with refugees in Tanzania?Our presence in the camps as a team of Jesuit Refugee Service is first of all a service of presenceto be present to our sisters and brothers who are suffering in exile. It must be remembered that the majority of the refugees in all thre

Peter Heinegg October 21, 2000

Since the last of William F Cody rsquo s Wild West Shows was put on in 1916 scarcely anyone alive today can still remember them But for over 30 years those extravagant spectacles copyrighted in 1883 which featured live animals real Indians including for a time Sitting Bull and thunderous


Charities Denied Injunction in Contraceptives CaseA Sacramento Superior Court judge has denied a motion by Catholic Charities of Sacramento for a preliminary injunction to block a state law that includes most religious institutions in a requirement that employers pay for contraceptives in prescripti

Wilton Gregory October 21, 2000

Over the last five years more than 160,000 adults annually have entered the Catholic Church in the United States. This amazing number - which does not include children coming into the church through infant baptism - coincides with the reinstitution of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. The

John F. Kavanaugh October 21, 2000

As Jim Lehrer, after 90 minutes of deadly evenhandedness, brought the first presidential debate to a conclusion, I couldn’t escape the fancy that this political campaign was a new television show called, Who Wants to Be a Presidential Survivor? I’m not even sure my idea is original, so f