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October 7, 2000

Vol.183 / No.10
Myles N. Sheehan October 07, 2000

* I am really hoping in that experimental chemotherapy. That’s what will beat this tumor!

William Bole October 07, 2000

If Professor Fogel were giving his students a multiple-choice test on the new egalitarianism one likely question would be Which is the greater agent of equity in prosperous America He would probably present five choices a federal government b transnational corporations c trade unions d th

Robert A. Krieg October 07, 2000

Editor’s note: In Germany, candidates for teaching positions in Catholic theology at universities and seminaries must receive a mandatum (nihil obstat) from a bishop. Since these academic positions are state appointments, this use of the nihil obstat arose over the last century in order to pre


Roman Theologians Say Condom Use O.K. in Certain CasesThe discussion of whether the Catholic Church should tolerate the use of condoms as a lesser evil in fighting the spread of AIDS resurfaced at the Vatican as a result of an article in America (9/23). In that article, Jon D. Fuller, S.J., M.D., an

Richard A. Blake October 07, 2000

Pity poor Kansas! Deposited there in the dead center of the country, propping up Nebraska and oppressing Oklahoma, the state has been typecast by Hollywood screenwriters. When a poor girl gets bonked on the head, she hies out of Kansas as fast as her red slippers or white sneakers will carry her. Ev

Willard F. Jabusch October 07, 2000

Every parish priest and university chaplain knows the story. The young couple visits their pastor to make arrangements for their wedding. The pastor begins to ask the questions on the prenuptial questionnaire. The young man gives his address and later the young woman. It appears they live at the sam

The Word
John R. Donahue October 07, 2000

The classical music station paused for an ad An about-to-be-wed couple was visiting a marriage counselor They were having their first fightover what kind of S U V to buy He wanted a Mercedes but she had heard that the Mercedes was a big lumbering car Call off the ceremony Then he explained t