The National Catholic Review

September 30, 2000

Vol. 183 No. 9Whole No. 4500


For the City, Peace

Sometimes the obstacles to peace appear so great and so many that to face them seems humanly impossible.


What If the Pope Became Disabled?
James H. Provost

In the late 1980’s, Archbishop Thomas A. Donnellan of Atlanta suffered a seriously debilitating stroke, so severe that he was not able to communicate with anyone around him.

I Am the Vine
Gallaudet Howard

On the first Sunday of the new millennium, I went to my parents’ usual church, Our Lady of Good Voyage in Gloucester, Mass.

Responding to the Gay Agenda'
Eileen P. Flynn

How should the Catholic Church in the United States respond to what some have labeled the gay agenda? One way would be simply to restate what has been declared repeatedly.

The Faces Behind Us
Robert P. Heaney

Driving to the university the other morning during rush hour, I was delayed briefly by the motorist ahead of me, who paused to let traffic enter from a side streeta courteous, helpful gesture, cert

Addressing Youth Crime
Eugene F. Rivers, III

Who are the young people most at risk-these days for crime?

Books and Culture

Over Newman's Dead Body
Martin X. Moleski
Stanley Jaki possesses impressive credentials for discussing the challenges Newman faced in his day and that he poses to our own.
Mysterious Presence
James S. Torrens
This book honors a 12-year-old martyr by the name of FoyFaith, in Englishin the southwest of France during the last of the Roman persecut
Landmarks and Resting Places
Doris Donnelly
The author of this book takes a simple idea and makes the best of it.

Columns and Departments

The Word
Marriages Are Made in Heaven
John R. Donahue
A Utopian Dream
Thomas J. McCarthy
'At the earliest possible date, my administration will deploy missile defenses' -- George W. Bush
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
James Martin, SJ
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