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July 1, 2000

Vol.183 / No.1
The Word
John R. Donahue July 01, 2000

The readings plunge us into the middle of a shouting match Amaziah a priest of the royal shrine of Bethel in Israel the northern kingdom is throwing out Amos a Judean prophet telling him to go home and make a living Amos replies that he is no prophet that is no court prophet in employ of t

Of Many Things
David S. Toolan July 01, 2000

Next to religious leaders, the New Testament is hardest on the rich. Serving God and Mammon don’t mix, we are told. Getting a rich man to heaven is about as easy as passing a camel through the eye of a needle. And so on. But as the son of a rich man, I want you to know there’s another si

James Martin, SJ July 01, 2000

James Martin, S.J., on finding time for God

C. Dale Young July 01, 2000


And then there is the sea,

Bentley Anderson July 01, 2000

Living in an age of partisan politics one has need of a reminder that there was a time when cooperation and compromise defined our country rsquo s political life Irwin and Debi Unger call us back to examine that period of our country rsquo s history in LBJ A Life Not a sentimental or romanticize

Nathan D. Mitchell July 01, 2000

In Cardinal Medina’s letter replying to the article by Bishop Donald Trautman, "Rome and ICEL" (3/4), there are some things that are new and some that are true; but not everything that is new is true and not everything that is true is new. It is new, for example, when a Roman dicaste

John T. Noonan, Jr. July 01, 2000

Faith and reason are companions indispensable to each other on Catholicism’s journey from Jerusalem. To understand the implications of faith, to relate the constructions of reason to these implications, the two must go hand in hand. One kind of institutional setting in which such understanding