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June 3, 2000

Vol.182 / No.20
Luke Timothy Johnson June 03, 2000

With this accessible yet critically responsible examination Paula Fredriksen the Aurelio Professor of Scripture at Boston University has made a significant contribution to the continuing debate concerning the historical Jesus Right from the start her book rsquo s several virtues ought gladly to

Hermann J. Pottmeyer June 03, 2000

In December 1998 the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith published a remarkable document titled "Reflections on the Primacy of Peter" (hereafter "Reflections"; see Origins, 1/28/99). At the outset, "Reflections" states that popes should exercise their authority &

The Word
John R. Donahue June 03, 2000

Pentecost traditionally called 64 the birthday of the church quot concludes the Lent-Easter season as the church returns to ordinary time Profound theological insights cluster around the feast and its readings Though originally a Jewish spring harvest festival the Feast of Weeks celebrated 5

Faith in Focus
Kevin O'Brien June 03, 2000

In the oppressive heat of the midday sun, the nun in full habit held two heavy shovels. She walked just behind the gravediggers, who tried to carry with some dignity a lifeless body wrapped in old hospital bedsheets. We had arrived here in India just a few weeks before this burial. I was one of thre

Chris Gilson June 03, 2000

While playing with his little brother next to their home in Quang Tri province, Giang, five at the time, picked up an explosive device. It detonated. His three-year-old brother was killed instantaneously. Giang lost a hand and an eye and still has several pieces of shrapnel embedded in his body. He

Our readers June 03, 2000

Visions of God's JusticeFelicitations on your education issue (5/20). Space being precious, I single out the article by James E. Hug, S.J., on education for justice--a candid, straightforward, courageous challenge to our Jesuit educational enterprise. It spells out for that ministry what several

Stephen Bede Scharper June 03, 2000

As an 11-year-old boy Thomas Berry probing the red hills of his home in North Carolina skipped across a creek and found himself in a meadow Seeing the white lilies cresting above the dense grass he listened to the crickets rsquo song drift toward the distant woods and the wisps of cloud in the