The National Catholic Review

June 3, 2000

Vol. 182 No. 20Whole No. 4490


Solidarity in Globalization

More than 2,500 years ago the Greek historian Herodotus observed that if anyone were given the opportunity of choosing from among all the nations of the world the best set of beliefs, he would inev


The Deadly Legacy of War in Vietnam
Chris Gilson

While playing with his little brother next to their home in Quang Tri province, Giang, five at the time, picked up an explosive device. It detonated.

Are American Catholics in Decline?
Joseph Claude Harris

Professors Rodney Stark and Roger Finke, who teach sociology at the University of Washington and Purdue University respectively, think the Catholic Church will suffer membership reverses characteri

Primacy in Communion
Hermann J. Pottmeyer

In December 1998 the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith published a remarkable document titled "Reflections on the Primacy of Peter" (hereafter "Reflections"; see Origins, 1/28/99).

There Are No Minority Americans
Edward K. Braxton

One night recently I was visiting with a group of friends and listening to the music of Billie Holiday, Miles Davis, Nina Simone, John Coltrane and Ray Charles.

Books and Culture

Renewing the Earth
Stephen Bede Scharper
As an 11-year-old boy, Thomas Berry, probing the red hills of his home in North Carolina, skipped across a creek and found himself in a m
The Art of Holiness
Franco Mormando
The past, as one historian aptly put it, has become a "foreign country." This is true even of our own Christian past.
Why Was He Crucified?
Luke Timothy Johnson
With this accessible yet critically responsible examination, Paula Fredriksen, the Aurelio Professor of Scripture at Boston University, h

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The Word
Most Holy Trinity
John R. Donahue
The Word
A Living God Present in Spirit and Power
John R. Donahue
Faith in Focus
Parenthood and the Attributes of God
Michael J. Daley
Faith in Focus
The Healing Touch
Kevin O'Brien
Stem Cell Secrets
John F. Kavanaugh
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
John W. Donohue
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