The National Catholic Review

May 13, 2000

Vol. 182 No. 17Whole No. 4487


Religious Persecution

"Religious liberty is at the very heart of human rights, making the other personal and collective liberties possible," Archbishop Giuseppe Bertello, the Vatican’s Permanent Observer at the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva, said on April 8 in an address to the members.


Elin's Fevered Island
David S. Toolan
Ideology and Intimacy
John F. Kavanaugh

Books and Culture

Enlightening Lessons
Richard M. Gula

Developments in Catholic theology during the second half of the 20th century have not always found their way into the standard curriculum

Rewriting History
William J. Bosch

In 1852 Sir Edward Creasy’s famous classic, Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World, indicated how certain major military engageme

One Last Sting
Richard A. Blake

For years my shaving mirror has tried to convince me that I look just like Paul Newman: baby blues, wavy hair (with just a sprinkling of

Jesus of CBS
James Martin, SJ

Woe to those who produce Jesus movies, for their worries will be many. The first task of a producer is to cast a credible Jesus.

Columns and Departments

The Word
A Love Song for God's Vineyard

John R. Donahue

Of Many Things
Of Many Things

Thomas J. Reese


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