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April 15, 2000

Vol.182 / No.13
Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo April 15, 2000

In Puerto Rico these days, religion is on the rise. Just when the populace seems fed up with partisan politics and turned off by the endless stream of scandals coming from indicted public officials, the churches and church leaders seem to have found the right formula for inspiring Puerto Ricans. Thi


Oakland Diocesan Service Offers Apology for Clergy Sex AbusePain, anger and healing surged through an Oakland gathering as Bishop John S. Cummins and other leaders of the Diocese of Oakland publicly apologized to victims of clergy sexual abuse. More than 130 people, including survivors, their famili

The Editors April 15, 2000

In his historic visit to the Holy Land, Pope John Paul II once again captured the imagination of the world. The stooped figure in white with shaking hands somehow projected a strength beyond reason, a spiritual strength that came from an absolute faith in his mission to proclaim God’s love and

Philip Weinberg April 15, 2000

The right to name Supreme Court justices clearly among the most far-reaching of presidential powers has received surprisingly little analysis by historians Though the influence of a John Marshall a Roger Taney or an Earl Warren on history is vast the motives and goals of presidents in choosing

Of Many Things
George M. Anderson April 15, 2000

The day after returning from a conference in Washington, D.C., in late February on the persistence of hunger in the United States, I took the subway to the upper west side of Manhattan to hear Mario Cuomo speak on a similar theme. His address was part of a forum called "The Intransigence of Pov

Gerard S. Sloyan April 15, 2000

The Second Vatican Council promulgated on Dec. 7, 1965, a decree on the ministry and life of priests that was entitled from its opening words Presbyterorum Ordinis. The sentence in full stated that this council "has already on several occasions drawn the attention of the world to the excellence

Terry Golway April 15, 2000

It appears as though the keepers of the world’s oil supply have decided to give us a break after all. Meeting in Vienna, the assembled princes (I didn’t notice any princesses) of petrol announced that they will increase production just as American motorists are beginning to dream of summ