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March 11, 2000

Vol.182 / No.8
Daniel J. Harrington March 11, 2000

The Oxford History of the Biblical World

The Editors March 11, 2000

Located 80 miles east of Havana on Cuba’s northern coast, the city of Cárdenas, from which young Elián Gonzalez comes, is a relatively poor but bustling and friendly town of some 40,000one of those places where you instantly sense that everyone knows everyone else. It’s a place of huma

John F. Kavanaugh March 11, 2000

Father Bill Foley, a Jesuit pediatrician who lives down the hall from me, has often struck me as one of the most intrepid men I’ve known. Even when he proposed to me that I accompany him and six others on a journey to Iraq over the Christmas holidays, I was somewhat awestruck by his boldness a

The Word
John R. Donahue March 11, 2000

The readings present a compendium of themes that shape the Lenten season The first reading concludes the cycle of narratives about Abraham Gen 12-23 which unfold from his call with the promise that he and Sarah will be parents of many nations through the covenant and the birth of a son the b

Our readers March 11, 2000

Fitting TributeA brilliant star, Richard A. McCormick, S.J., illuminated the galaxy of moral theology in the 20th-century United States as no other (Signs of the Times, 2/26). His notes on moral theology over the years were eagerly devoured by opinion leaders in church and state. He shone as a fair-

Richard J. Clifford March 11, 2000

"The whole battle is hotting up," declared Ken Ham to The New York Times (12/1/99). A disillusioned science teacher turned creationist, Ham opposes the theory of evolution. He proposes instead a literal reading of the first chapter of the Book of Genesis: God created the world in six days.

Richard A. Blake March 11, 2000

When an art form starts to reflect upon itself, does the borrowing indicate maturity or senescence? I don’t know. Film artists have copied one another since the very earliest comics in the silents realized that audiences loved chase scenes and so tried to outdo their rivals with ever more fran