The National Catholic Review

February 12, 2000

Vol. 182 No. 4Whole No. 4474


Seeking Peace in the Holy Land

The last days of January have been turbulent ones in the Middle East.


Nazareth Journal
Drew Christiansen

The front-page photos were an editor's delight. In one, a man kissed the locked doors of the Holy Sepulchre. In another, a pilgrim knelt in prayer before them.

Why I Shall Not Seek a Mandate
Richard P. McBrien

Soon after the U.S. Catholic bishops passed the revised version of the Application of Ex Corde Ecclesiae on Nov.

Books and Culture

Winners Behind the Wall
George M. Anderson
Doing Time: 25 Years of Prison Writing is an anthology of short stories, essays and poems written by incarcerated women and men over a 25
Normative and Not
Lisa Sowle Cahill
Martha Nussbaum, a philosopher and professor of law and ethics at the University of Chicago, is a prolific and forceful writer with wide-
Dubious Talents
Richard A. Blake
Good news for Matt Damon fans: They will hate Matt Damon in The Talented Mr.

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The Educated Dork
Terry Golway
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
James Martin, SJ
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