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January 1, 2000

Vol.182 / No.1
The Word
John R. DonahueJanuary 01, 2000

The liturgical year involves the festal cycle comprising Advent-Christmas and Lent-Paschaltide and ordinary time which is the weekly celebration of the extraordinary event of the proclamation of the word and the eucharistic paschal mystery After the Baptism of the Lord the readings of the second

The EditorsJanuary 01, 2000

"Any day is a good day to be born and any day is a good day to die," said Pope John XXIII toward the end of his life. He was affirming that within the perspective of eternity every day is significant, and for each individual any day may be momentous. He was not denying that within the pers

David E. NantaisJanuary 01, 2000

Billy Joel once said in an interview on "60 Minutes" that he thinks of his songs as his children. He remarked that some of them go on to become doctors and lawyers (presumably the Top 40 Hits), while others grow up to be bums. I wonder if Billy believes that any of his "kids" cou

Joseph J. FeeneyJanuary 01, 2000

Brave novelist Ron Hansen In Mariette in Ecstasy 1991 he entered the mind of a contemplative nun with bleeding stigmata In Atticus 1996 he looked into the paternal love of a 67-year-old Colorado cattleman pursuing his estranged son in Mexico Now in Hitler rsquo s Niece he takes on the young

Faith in Focus
Mary RiveraJanuary 01, 2000

CABBAGE PATCH dolls were all the rage some years ago. My husband fell in with the crowd and bought several for my daughter, Christina, when she was little. I watched her play with them. She dressed them in old baby clothes that I still had, and carried them tenderly everywhere for weeks. Somewhere

David S. ToolanJanuary 01, 2000

Each crisp winter morning these days, I smell the steam heat creeping through the old radiators of my Upper West Side Manhattan apartment. The hot water for my morning shower also (almost) never fails. How remarkable these little comforts are! I have a fresh appreciation for warmth because two month


Cuban Bishops Say Parental Rights Should Decide Boy’s CaseThe Cuban Catholic bishops say the custody battle over a 6-year-old Cuban boy should be resolved in favor of parental rights. The boy, Elian Gonzalez, has been living with relatives in Florida since he survived an attempt to reach the U