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November 7, 2016

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To Our Shame

The United States strives to both honor and assist our wounded veterans; but how do we treat our enemies?

Redemption of the Alt-Right

Derek Black was royalty among U.S. white nationalists.

Stand By Taiwan

Despite its functional independence, Taiwan is still regarded in Beijing as a renegade province.

Unjust Discrimination

How can the church continue to sustain its ministries while bearing witness to the timeless truths of its teaching when its own employees do not accept them all?


Remedies Beyond Reach
Fran Quigley

Making affordable medicine a human right

Calm After the Storm
Rabbi Daniel F. Polish

Looking for peace after destruction

Books and Culture

Why Read Fiction?
Jon M. Sweeney

So what defines a Catholic novel? I am still struggling with that question. But I know that that which asks most of us is most worthy of us.

Jerome Donnelly

Trying to impose the United States’ will on Iraq (and now Syria) took a deadly toll, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians, destroying much of modern and ancient Iraq, sending into exile millions of refugees—and created ISIS.

An Urban Defender
James R. Kelly

s one reviewer observed, “She began by writing about sidewalks and finished with an account of Western civilization itself.”

A Nuanced Thinker
Sidney Callahan

Seekers of spirituality and meaning exist everywhere, in and out of religion, and Haight wishes to reach them.

Heaven Help Us
Jim McDermott

The afterlife. For as long as we have been around, we have fashioned stories about how you get there, who lives there and what happens when you arrive.

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